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Sliding Wardrobes

Buckingham angled oriental doors in Ivory and grey mirror
Fitzwilliam Doors in white frame and glass over a stair box
Rockingham oriental doors in Pale Grey and Grey metal and two silver mirror doors
Our systems are designed to last. Utilising steel or aluminium frames and track sets we have a product that will meet your requirements and look stylish and modern. From straight runs to sloping ceilings* and with a wide range of colours and split laybar design options, there are nearly a limitless amount of possibilities for you to create your perfect set of doors.

Whether you want a full wardrobe or just the doors, we can provide you with everything. We will even supply you with easy to follow DIY instructions if you want to fit your doors yourself.

Just like our wardrobes, the interiors are totally bespoke and designed to suit your lifestyle. We work with you to design the best interior suitable for you to keep order in your bedroom. Click here to view out most popular set ups.

*Unfortunately, we can only offer angled sliding doors with our aluminium systems.

Our Sliding Systems