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Concord Range

White Concord doors with Venetian Route
Our Concord range of doors are manufactured from 18mm deep rout grade MDF board with hand routed panel moulds and edge moulds with a lacquered infill.  The lacquered infill conform to the BS6250 'Severe Use' standard, they will not crack or flake in service. We offer a wide range of lacquers to either complement or contrast your chosen board colour, all of which come with a matching carcass board.

With a choice of 4 different edge moulds, and a wide range of panel moulds from a traditional Cathedral mould to a modern and contemporary Expression mould.

These doors have the option to be glazed with either coloured glass or mirrors. This incurs an extra charge per glazed door.

We can also produce matching cornice, pelmets, worktops, shelves, headboards, plinths and fillers to give your room that finishing touch.

The Concord range of doors come with a 5 year guarantee against defective materials.

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Available Colours

All the door colours below have a matching carcass colour so you can match everything perfectly.
White Board


Pale Cream Board

Pale Cream

Ivory Board


Sand Board


Alabaster Board


Super White Ash Board

Super White Ash

Bleached Ash Board

Bleached Ash

Japanese Ash Board

Japanese Ash

Maple Board


Stilo Walnut Board

Stilo Walnut

Aida Walnut Board

French Walnut

French  Board

Tiepolo Walnut

Tiepolo Walnut Board

Opera Walnut

Lissa Oak Board

Lissa Oak

Westminster Oak Board

Westminster Oak

Windsor Oak Board

Windsor Oak

Swiss Pear Board

Swiss Pear

Mangfall Beech Board

Mangfall Beech

Elmau Beech Board

Elmau Beech